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Oct 5, 2012 11:00am PDT
have to laugh at jon stewart. wouldn't that have been a sight to have the president pointing over saying there. oh, boy. a lot of things to laugh about. it is so serious to cry about. you want to get folks back to work and see this economy recover for this country. they have to come up with a vision and have a few more debates. >> one thing going back to the debates you show is in the democrats and president obama really hadn't faced adversity over the past three months. over the past three months you've seen the romney campaigns, republicans on the defensive. they finally got some very good news, and i think what's going to end up happening in the election is how the campaigns respond. you saw president obama respond very forcefully yesterday, also told. you saw the romney campaign try to build from its momentum on wednesday night. we've now kind of entered a new phase of this campaign, and it's going to be really interesting what goes into the days ahead and also those debates ahead. >> "the daily beast" has a headline, "blame obama's lousy debate on john kerry. bring bill clint
Oct 9, 2012 11:00am PDT
. a change in principle is always possible. i will agree with that. >> that's why jon huntsman called him a perfectly lubricated weather vane. ultimately the conservatives will not like that if he gets elected. >> expose that. obama had a chance to expose that on a national stage and he didn't take advantage of that. >> not only did he not make distinctions on reproductive rights, he said there isn't a big difference on me and my opponent on social security. that was an unforced error. >> we have to end this before steve he's head blows off. i'm afraid he's at a fever pitch here. michael, thank you. you've been so patient. thank you erin and keith. >>> coming up, a tense moment in a local interview with congressman paul ryan. >> those are yours, not mine. >> thank you very much, sir. >> yeah. >> all right. >> that was kind of strange. you trying to stuff words in people's mouths? >> i don't know if that's strange. >> so ryan's camp says it was a reporter asking a weird or strange question. so what happens if congressman ryan is asked a question he doesn't like in the debate? plus how demo
Oct 19, 2012 11:00am PDT
to jon stewart last night. >> you admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people, as far as all being on the same page? >> here's what i'll say. if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> we're going to fix it. >> right. all of it? >> all of it. >> the optimal line, of course, is very regrettable and makes me a little sad, but for him to say that every piece of information that they got they laid out to the american people is one of the most disingenuous statements i've ever heard. >> governor romney has had missteps abroad on his own. he received a lot of criticism about the comments to the summer olympics and from palestinians when he compared that group and israel to culture differences. let's bring in nicholas kristoff. thanks for joining us today. a new pugh poll shows that governor romney has closed the gap on many areas on foreign policy. here are the numbers right here, where the president was leading earlier. with all the moving parts we've been seeing lately, who is more equipped to win this debate on monday. i think obama is much bette
Oct 22, 2012 11:00am PDT
, and the president most recently on the daily show with jon stewart admitted mistakes were made. we know about the intelligence and when it came into the white house. no doubt there is still an issue here over what mistakes were made and why the administration seemed to have stuck for so long on the story this was a protest against the film and factoring in, of course, the new details regarding the cia. >> thank you, tamron. you're right. this story is certainly going to come tonight, and tonight's debate is the commander in chief test. does mitt romney and the president have an understanding of the issue and the demeanor to lead. on the libya issue, i think it's going to be a stark contrast. the data that the administration has been putting out has been reflective of what the intelligence community itself has provided to them. i find it odd that right now republicans are criticizing general david petraeus and the cia for its assessments of what happened on the ground in libya. he's a real american hero. the administration has tried to do its best to reflect that. it has investigations under w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)